McPhail Foundation
Charitable Trust


The McPhail Foundation Charitable Trust had been operating for a number of years prior to being officially incorporated in October 2003. The Foundation is a small private charity and their main area of focus is assisting disadvantaged families and schools by providing access to technology.

The Trust was primarily sponsored by The Computer Broker until the company ceased trading in January 2013. The company had provided storage, labour, hardware and financial support. The loss of this sponsor meant the trust had to scale back its activity.

The trust currently focuses on refurbishing desktop computers and laptops and donating these to families which have been nominated by selected schools.

The current Trustees are Murray, Anne, Brodie and Cameron McPhail.


The Trust has provided computer systems and hardware to The Salvation Army, Residential Rehabilitation Housing (Canterbury DHB), Battered Women’s Trust, Child Hope, The Champion Centre, Churches, Primary / Secondary Schools and selected families.

The goal of this Charitable Trust is to put 100% of the donations received back into the community. The Trust relies on donations of hardware and money to enable it to carry on this valuable work. The trust does not pay any administration, marketing or management costs. We think this makes us rather unique.


Typically the suitable applicant will be a child under the age of 18 who currently does not have access to a computer and whose education will benefit from this exposure.

The suitable family must meet the below criteria:
• The family must have a child at the school
• The selected child will not currently have access to a computer at home
• The child will benefit from having access to this technology
• The family will look after the computer
• The family will undertake not to sell the system for personal gain


As the McPhail Foundation is run by unpaid volunteers, fund raising opportunities are limited and the Trust relies on grants and donations to enable it to satisfy the increasing demand on its funds.

We need donations of good quality surplus computer hardware and help to identify suitable recipients.